Sand, gravel, rock, and mining industries

Fortan designs new processing plants for all known applications in the industries. Surface plants or floating plants on barges are common territories for us. Analyzing process plants for feasibility and optimization is done in the project’s concept phase. We also adapt, expand or convert existing plants. Experience to design and apply modular build from layout to detail is our strongpoint.

Offshore industries

Fortan performs lead design, static and dynamic stress calculations, and detail design of some of the better known offshore activities. For the major Dutch offshore industries we develop marine lifting equipment; and dredging and hopper equipment and components. Knowledge of marine conditions and its strong demands on design is a key factor which we control.

Energy industries

Designing electricity transmission mast systems and wireless telecommunications networks is a niche job in engineering. Fortan designs the high-voltage mast and the stand-alone antenna mast systems for the few companies that control these networks. Constructions at elevated heights, with their own demands regarding assembly and safety, are items that Fortan manages well.

Bulk material storage and handling

The use of voluminous systems for material handling and/or dust filtration in a process plant puts demands on the design of a plant. Above all stands the sequence of handling and routing of a process, whether it regards sand and gravel or fine grained bulk material. Understanding the spatial relations between machine components is an asset that enables Fortan to thoroughly develop these processes in layout and detail design.

Food and dairy industries

Fortan develops food process plants in its full design progress from pipe spec, PFD and P&ID, up to detail engineering. Making plans comply with the highest FDA standards for sanitation and finish is obvious. We optimize our mechanical designs combining complex components with logical process routing and accessibility and safety.