Pieter Schelte

The Pieter Schelte, a ship, that will be built by the offshore company Allseas, will be able to lift and carry big oil rigs of some 48,000 tonnes in one go from their base, instead of in small pieces as was customary. It will also be used as a vessel for laying oil and gas pipelines at a depth of 3500 m with a record speed of more than seven kilometers per day.

In 2007 Fortan executed parts of the design of the hoisting rig. This consisted of the TLB (tilt lifting beam) which was supported in sleep mode by the Support Stool. The JIB (extension beam) was added to the TLB to increase its length in working condition.

On the top of the TLB, the two lifting arms could connect through the COB (cross over beam). Then there was a storage/lifting device which provided storage, positioning and attachment of the COB in relation to the TLB.

In addition to the enormous size of the elevating unit there were additional concept requirements such as sea fastening and movement control, reliability, and corrosion resistance. This made the designing a complex process.