Spacelift MC 35,000 DLS Crane

Through Overlasko Konstruktie BV, Fortan received an assignment by Conquest Offshore BV for significant part of the engineering of the Spacelift MC 35000 DLS crane. Conquest Offshore BV is a joint venture between Zwagerman and Concordia Group, which focuses on offshore transportation, removal, refurbishment and construction. Their Spacelift MC 35000 DLS is a mobile marine crane with a pedestal foundation on a self-supporting foot frame. Fortan engineered and calculated the crane for harsh sea conditions based on Bureau Veritas rules.

Fortan anaslyed the complete crane including the pedestal, foot, a frame boom and barge. A major determining factor was the client’s instruction for the placement of the crane independently on the barge whereby a system of resilient reinforcement clamps maintained deck loads within allowable limits. Unique in this configuration, the application of DLS (dynamic load system), permitted the use of reduced solid ballast weight. Fortan performed FEM stress calculations while incorporating all marine associated forces in accordance with the Bureau Veritas standards. Based on the FEM results, Fortan provided advice and recommendations concerning the cranes parts, capacities, and workabilty.