VOX 12,000 m³

Van Oord is a globally operating dredging and marine contracting company and has built large infrastructure projects on land and sea for more than 140 years. Projects include: the construction of marine oil and gas facilities, ports, coastal protection works, land reclamation, wind parks, and foundation drainage. Dredging is the core business activity of Van Oord and it is used for land reclamation, protection of coastal zones and maintenance of harbor and waterways.

Palm Jumeirah and The World are two recent examples of land reclamation that came to public attention. These artificial island formations in the sea, off the coast of Dubai, were created by raising existing sandbanks below sea level and later bringing sand above the surface. The employed trailing suction hopper dredgers are capable of sucking sand from the seabed utilizing a suction tube. The sand is stored in the hopper of the ship and can later be discharged through hatches under water or sprayed onto the land through a nozzle on deck of the ship.

For a new 12,000m³ trailing suction hopper dredger Fortan designed a hoisting device (gantries) for a 180 metric ton weighing suction tube. A step diagram of the suction tube’s lifting movement path was plotted.

A FEM stress calculation was performed which later was used to optimize the final design. In addition all the detailed drawings for the suction tube, gantries and service frame were generated.